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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Fresno County Legal Professionals Association (“FCLPA”). FCLPA is a non-profit mutual benefit organization which recognizes that each member of the legal profession provides a valuable service. Membership is available to everyone involved in the Fresno County legal community. This includes, but is not limited to, law office managers, legalsecretaries, paralegals, attorneys, legal support staff, persons employed in the courts, and legal support vendors.



Becoming part of FCLPA automatically grants you membership in our parent organization, Legal Secretaries, Incorporated (“LSI”). LSI is comprised of 41 local associations located throughout California. While some local associations are "Legal Secretaries Association" (LSA) and others are "Legal Professionals Association" (LPA), all are affiliates of LSI.


Please view our membership page to learn about the many benefits we have to offer. We encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings and get to know our members – find out what FCLPA is all about!